Uploading your film

What format must the film be in?
Submitted films must be compatible with Vimeo - but don't worry, it's quite simple. Vimeo has a handy explainer for what settings you should use for various editing software available, find it here.

If codecs baffle you and you want to learn more, watch this neat video explainer.

What size should my video file be?
Fairly small - depending on length, it is likely to be somewhere between about 60mb and 300mb. If it is larger you will find it takes longer to upload. If you follow the Vimeo compression guidelines above you should not have a noticeable drop in quality of footage.

Where do I upload my film?
Make sure you are logged into your free Vimeo account and join our group here, then upload your film. You will see underneath your film that you have a button marked '+ collections' - if you are a member of the group you will have a tick box saying 'Folkestone 52hr Film Challenge' - just tick the box next to it. 

Why Vimeo and not YouTube?
We use Vimeo because it has community elements that YouTube does not, including group functionality and forums, which makes it easier to manage an event like this. You can upload your film to YouTube as well but we won't be looking at YouTube entries.

My film is still uploading but the deadline has passed - help!
Don't worry, as long as it has started uploading before the deadline it still counts. We understand that slower connections might struggle with uploading your video. Drop us a message on Facebook or email us at 52hrfilm@gmail.com if you are having problems and we will do everything we can to help.

Will there be a screening?
Yes, we will have a screening of the films. Please 'Like' our Facebook page to be kept up to date.

Will there be a prize?
We will award the Golden Seagull trophy at the screening night. This challenge has no funding so unfortunately can't supply amazing prizes, it is primarily for the fun of taking part.

Who chooses the winning film?
There will be a small panel of judges who decide which film gets the Golden Seagull. 

What happens to my film?
Your film will be shown at the screening night and may also be shown at other local community events - please let us know if you would prefer your film not to be shown anywhere else.

Your film stays in the Vimeo group for as long as you allow it to be there and can be watched online by anyone who visits the group.

Copyright of the film remains entirely with the filmmakers responsible and you are free to do with your film as you please, such as enter it into film festivals.

What if I want to change my film after the deadline?
You can go back and fix things, but please don't reupload your video until after the screening night. If you do want to reupload you can then use the 'replace file' option in Vimeo and update your video with your new version without losing your play count, comments or 'likes'.

The Folkestone 52 Hour Film Challenge - write, shoot and edit a short film in a weekend

The Film


How long must my film be?
Your film can be between 3 minutes and 10 minutes long, including a maximum of 30 seconds of credits.

What must I include in my film?
There will be a prop, line of dialogue and an action given out on the Friday the challenge starts. All teams get the same prompts.

Please also include credits so we know how to credit you.

What genre of film can I make?
Any genre, however you must adhere to the Vimeo Community Guidelines as all videos will be hosted on Vimeo. Please read the community guidelines here.

Can I use copyright material?
Please make sure you have permission to use any found footage or music in your film. Again, this relates to the Vimeo Community Guidelines. Using materials you do not have permission to use may also get in the way of entering your film into film festivals, if you choose to do so. 

Taking part

Is there a team size limit?

No, teams can be as large or small as the project needs. 

Do I have to be in Folkestone to enter?

No, there are no country restrictions, however the screening evening will be in Folkestone.

Who can enter, and is there an age limit?

Anyone can enter and there is no age limit. 

What if I don't have a team?

Please feel free to post on our Facebook page if you need to find a team - there may be other people also looking for team members. Teams of one are also welcome.

Do you need experience to take part?
Absolutely not, beginners are very welcome, but we do advise familiarising yourself with any technology you will be using before the challenge kicks off.

What do you need to take part?
Access to the internet (to get the prompts at 8pm and to upload your video on Sunday night), something to record footage onto (camera, mobile phone etc), something to edit on (many apps are available for mobile phones), a Vimeo account (a free account, no need for a Pro account) and, most importantly, some creativity and imagination. Also tea or coffee in vast quantities.

Frequently asked questions

After the film