‚ÄčThe May 2016 Folkestone 52hr Film Challenge

Challenge 3: Keys

The Folkestone 52 Hour Film Challenge - write, shoot and edit a short film in a weekend

The third Folkestone 52hr Film Challenge took place on the weekend of May 13th.

The creative prompts were:

1. Line of dialogue: "I'll meet you tomorrow at 6."
2. Prop: keys.

3. Action to perform: a character reads a paper.

The third Folkestone 52hr Film Challenge was the biggest yet, with many films from new and returning filmmakers. Again we saw a huge variety, watch them on our Vimeo page here, and our screening night at Sunflower House on June 15 had a massive turnout - we even ran out of chairs!

We were delighted to award the Golden Seagull to Alex Terris for his film Open. See it below!